Class of 2020

Lauren Owen

I believe that the CCS mission and the faculty’s intentionality to partner with every family impacts each student. 

I am a member of the graduating class of 2020, but I can proudly say that I have attended Carmel Christian since Kindergarten- I have a long history with CCS. 

  • Mrs. Beerbower taught me how to read and find books that spark interest. 
  • Mrs. Brannon instilled in me a love for writing. 
  • Mr. Mann has dealt my frustration with calculus and statistics, and to be honest with you, still does.
  • Mrs. Cheshire showed me the mysteries of science from a creationist’s point of view, while also introducing other worldviews I will be exposed to later on in life. 
  • Mr Henry has encouraged the importance of formulating my own opinions about American history. 
  • Mr. Siftar has taken time out of his busy schedule to develop a group of student leaders who want to direct the school on a path towards success. 

I can first-handedly say that Carmel’s elementary, middle and high school programs are unique, in that each phase of a student’s life is catered to differently than the others. I learned to discover my interests and fall in love with learning new things in kindergarten through fifth grade. Elementary teachers recognize the needs for hands-on-learning during these years, and are willing to help every step of the way. I was able to ease into the concept of independence and develop problem-solving skills from sixth to eighth grade. The middle school staff encourages students to begin to take ownership of both their successes and their mistakes. And looking back on my high school career as a senior, I feel adequately prepared to venture into my college years, as my teachers have equipped me with critical-thinking tools and confidence in my next steps as a young adult. 

However the teachers at Carmel are not only invested in the lives of students academically. Every faculty member is driven to invest spiritually as well. The teachers here witnessed me dedicate my life to Christ at age six, but then struggle to make my faith my own until freshman year. The teachers here constantly partner with me as I wrestle with tough theological questions and venture into sharing my faith with friends who don’t have a relationship with Christ. The teachers here journeyed with me as I sought out God’s calling for my life, and celebrated with me when I discovered that calling involves a passion in ministry. 

Perhaps the thing I have valued most within the past 13 years of my life, is the fact that enrollment into Carmel Christian isn’t just an enrollment into school, but also enrollment into teacher-student relationships that leave an impactful legacy on your life and that’s something that sets Carmel Christian School apart.

Class of 2018

Ivy Tang, a sophomore at Gordon College, spent 3 weeks teaching English to Syrian refugee children in Jordan. She, and her team of 15, built relationships with the local community, poured the love of Jesus into the refugee students and encouraged the full time workers in the area.

Class of 2017

John Thomas Bicket, a junior at Liberty University studying Business Administration, interned this summer with Skookum, a Charlotte based company that specializes in helping other businesses grow and improve digitally. He was first introduced to the company on a field trip as a junior at CCS. JT was excited to learn various sides of the business technology world through his hands-on work this summer.

Class of 2016

Mac Brydon

Owner/President of Bear Food

As Mac considered income-generating ideas, he drew inspiration from a business his mom had pursued throughout his childhood. Early in her career, Mrs. Brydon started a gourmet Virginia peanut brand and successfully sold them to corporate clients in the Midwest. As her family grew, she shifted her time and focus to Mac and his brother Miller, born with Downs Syndrome. But, during the Christmas season, she continued to fulfill orders with her sons helping her with labeling and packaging. Mac drew upon this family experience to develop a business concept that has enabled him to embrace both his entrepreneurial spirit and one of his personal passions, employing adults, like Miller, with special needs. From these passions, Bear Food was born!

Today, Bear Food is a thriving corporate gifting business that provides clients with a unique, customizable product. Mac credits Carmel Christian with helping him develop into the person he is today by guiding him in his faith and allowing him to understand who he is in Christ and what He stands for. Because of the foundation he gained at CCS, Mac has been able to maintain his strong faith and grow throughout his college years. Mac will graduate this December with a Bachelor of Science in Business Entrepreneurship and will pursue his MBA at Mercer in January.

For more information about Bear Food, please visit their website at

Class of 2016

Madeline Bennett, a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill double majoring in Political Science & Media Journalism, interned in Berlin, Germany for the State Department. Her responsibilities included work in political affairs, political section and the executive office. Highlights included working on social media campaigns and research and ground work with minority groups as part of the human rights report. She also enjoyed working directly with the Ambassador as a liaison to the interns.

Class of 2015

Lauren Hunter graduated from Anderson University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Following graduation, she passed her National Board exam and is now working as a RN for Novant Health Main Medical Center in the Emergency Department in Charlotte. As she explores her new career, she will also be rotating through Novant’s Hemby Pediatric Emergency Department.