Chloe Sprinkle
CCS 3rd Grade Teacher

"The impact CCS had on me prepared me academically and spiritually for high school and then for college.” As a CCS student, Mrs. Sprinkle was encouraged to advocate for herself respectfully in a loving environment. The seed for teaching was planted at CCS and it was always her dream to come back and teach at Carmel. That dream became a reality last year when she was hired to lead a classroom of 3rd graders! Mrs. Sprinkle loves to foster learning and to answer those tough questions kids have about their faith.

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Carter Brackman

Class of 2017

The afternoon before graduation (May 2017) a nervous and confused, soon-to-be high school graduate needed clarity on his future and knew he had to talk with his Middle School History teacher, Mr. Rock Schulz. “I walked to his classroom and asked him to pray for me, because I was nervous!” That conversation and the prayer that followed sparked a desire in Carter to pursue a degree in Biblical Studies with the intent to go on to graduate school. “My goal is to teach in a Christian School, like Carmel, and who knows, maybe lead one day! I see the value in growing up in a school where our walk with Christ was a priority and we were taught to make much of HIM.

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Gail Tolles
CCS Parent

It’s hard to put into words what Carmel means to us. Our twins are thriving here. The teachers have impacted them academically as well as spiritually. Our boys have really grown to have an independent relationship with God since we started here. I know that the teachers not only love our boys, but they love the same God that we serve. The value of [Carmel Christian] is priceless.

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Andrew Riebe

Class of 2021

The way teachers cultivate a love for Jesus and invest in each student is unlike any other place I have ever been. Everyone is family! I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t come to Carmel. It has given me friendships, mentors and prepared me for my future.

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